Reshape and Redefine your eyebrows and stop doing morning makeup.

Permanent Eyebrows will enhance the overall look of the face.
This semi-permanent micro pigmentation process will give
you eyebrows for 1-3 years.

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Looking for a Permanent Eyebrow Makeup?

Check permanent eyebrows prices and types below.

3D Hair Stroke + Shadow

  • 2h 30 min
  • Touch ups
  • within 6 weeks Free
  • within 12 months €60
  • within 18 months €100
  • within 24 months €150
  • Consultation required before treatment
  • Price: €20 ( 15min )

3D Hair Stroke

  • 2h 30 min
  • Touch ups
  • within 6 weeks Free
  • within 12 months €60
  • within 18 months €100
  • within 24 months €150
  • Consultation required before treatment
  • Price: €20 ( 15min )

Powder Brows

  • 2h
  • Touch ups
  • within 6 weeks Free
  • within 12 months €60
  • within 18 months €100
  • within 24 months €150
  • Consultation required before treatment
  • Price: €20 ( 15min )

Touch ups are made with the same colour and shape as first permanent makeup.
Any changes are charged €50 – €150.

Not sure which eyebrows are better for you?

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Why Women from Cork Love Our Service.

“As this was my first time going to this salon for a facial treatment, I absolutely loved my facial treatment at the salon and I can’t wait to go back.
Magda is lovely and I would recommend it highly.
Very reasonably priced as well.”

Daniela Nicoleta Trebe

“Absolutely love this beauty salon. They provide a really professional service at a really good price.
Being from Kerry it took me a long time to find a salon I was really happy with. I’d highly recommend green orchid for any beauty treatment.
The staff are really friendly and it has a great location in the city centre.”

Daniela Nicoleta Trebe

I like using Green Orchid. Staff is really friendly, professional, they would accommodate your needs and do the most just for YOU!!! I have had a few emergency situations with them, but they sorted it out for me with no drama! Really happy, there is a pro- place in Cork to have your beauty treatments done:) Thumbs up!

Inga Redjko

What is Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Treatment?

Permanent makeup eyebrows allow you to restructure when your eyebrows are too thin or poorly designed. This is a nice concept especially for women who want to bring out the best out of their appearance. The semi-permanent makeup eyebrows makeup is a technique to correct the shape of eyebrow not for a short time but for 2-4 years.

Like a tattoo, this type of permanent makeup is done by injecting micro pigments in the skin above the dermis. The micro pigmentation process will give you perfect permanent eyebrows makeup for several years. With permanent makeup eyebrows tattoo, you can reduce these gaps and definitely beautifies the face.

Thick and darken the eyebrows will enhance the overall look of the face and be a good way for reshaping and redefining the eyebrows. You can correct the inconsistency in between the eyebrows to give a smart look to the overall face. Semi permanent makeup eyebrows are very similar to getting any other micro pigmentation.

There are mainly two different methods which a specialist uses to draw on the skin. One method involves the use of a permanent eyebrows makeup  gun.

This tool uses non-toxic and bio-friendly ink so it is unnecessary to worry about getting poisoned. One big advantage of using this method is speed.

Artists working with a gun can get things drawn a lot faster.

But, unfortunately, sometimes this leads to a lack of detail in the permanent makeup eyebrows. So if you want a fine look to your permanent makeup eyebrows, you probably want to talk to the specialist that draws permanent makeup eyebrows by hand.

This method involves the use of a semi-permanent makeup eyebrows pen and special permanent pigment. There is a tiny needle in the pen which can do a help for intricate details.

It’s slower but is generally better.

About Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Session?

As for the technique of permanent eye makeup, prior to the real eyebrow session itself,
the first test will be done in pencil so to get an idea of the layout and rendering.

This step also allows the patient and the professional to reach agreement on the future shape of the eyebrows and on the colour to use.

Feel free to test as many options as necessary, before making your choice.

At Green Orchid, the client is the king and your choice and opinion are well respected.

Once validated the decision, the professional releases tiny injections of pigments, millimetre by millimetre.

This gesture is not, in principle, no more painful than the eyebrow .

Colour of permanent makeup eyebrows makeup appear darker in a first step,
before clearing after  6-10 days.

A session of control takes place between 4-6 weeks after treatment.
It controls the good result of the makeup and makes any necessary adjustments.

All micropigmentation treatments are made on products in 100% original, modern machine known companies.
The needles are sterile and used ONLY once and mineral pigments do not cause an allergic reaction.

Before you Choose Permanent Makeup Eyebrows!

  • Changing the shape of eyebrows can give a different expression to the face!

    It is the stated goal of semi permanent eyebrows makeup, which, by redrawing eyebrows, allows the transformation of the outlook and facial appearance.

  • What kind of permanent makeup eyebrows should be performed by a specialized beautician or dermatologist depends on the area of expertise.

    At Green Orchid, you have 100%  guarantee that you are in the hands of the expert who will bring out nothing but the best in you.

  • Prefer mineral pigments to synthetic pigments.

    Indeed, it is proved that the mineral pigments is free of the risk of allergies due to their following characteristics:

    -lack of toxicity,

    -light stability,

    -inertia metabolism,

    -migration risk deleted


  • Get a detailed estimate mentioning the intervention conditions.

    Selected colors of permanent eyebrows, layout retained etc.

  • Check the conditions under which permanent eyebrows makeup is done.

    Syringes must be disposable and surgical gloves should be used during the procedure of eyebrows tattoo.

    All these are well assured at Green Orchid.

    We do not joke with your safety, it is paramount to us.

  • The result of eyebrows tattoo should be in harmony with your personality.

    Choose to do your eyebrows micropigmentation at Green Orchid where you  would feel comfortable and you would have access to the expert advice during consultation session.

Why Choose Semi Permanent Eyebrows?

  • Semi permanent makeup eyebrows can corrects some minor flaws.
  • Eyebrow micropigmentation is perfect to correct too thin or nonexistent eyebrows
  • Permanent Makeup Eyebrows can correct eyebrows shape if they are too short, asymmetric or poorly structured
  • Semi permanent makeup eyebrows fill “holes” in poorly trimmed eyebrows
  • Permanent makeup makes a scar unfeasible
  • Or simply restructure your look by changing the shape of your eyebrows

These features are simply excellent ways to get over some situations that would have been hitherto termed hopeless.

There is no need to carry around a scarred face around any longer, there is already a solution for you with permanent eyelash which will restore your eyebrow to the original shape.

The advantage of semi permanent makeup eyebrows makeup is that it is water resistant.

Ideal for sports, it is also popular with women who are struggling to put on makeup
or did not have much time for makeup.

This type of makeup is to all those who wish to change the appearance of their eyebrows and get perfect permanent makeup eyebrows.

Water resistant ability is another reason why so
many people would opt for semi-permanent eyebrows makeup.

It is long lasting and durable.

It is not easily washed away by rain.

It will stick for many years before there would be a need for replacement treatment.

Hence, it saves you a lot of money that would be spent on make-up on regular basis.

The importance of the shape of the eyebrows or route selection

The layout of your permanent eyebrows tattoo should depend on two criteria: the shape and colour of your eyebrows.

Your beauty technician would play a crucial role here as she would be able to
decide what is best for you and what type of eyebrow treatment will bring the very best from your face.

Green Orchid allows your free consultation to decide the best path to take when it comes to having your permanent eyebrow done.

So, you can leverage on the experience of the technicians
at Green Orchid with rest of mind that you would get the very best.

Be careful if you have certain peculiarities as a “lift” eyebrow,
which often tends to rise when you think about it.

The technician will also take account important issues to avoid any surprises in the end result.

Shapes of Permanent Makeup Eyebrows 

  • A sweet face and round: you can choose brows slightly arched to give more expression to your eyebrow.
  • An oval face: choose a natural curve of your eyebrows.
  • Sharp or square face: round shapes will soften your face.
  • A wide or long face: long, low accented eyebrows will enhance the shape of your face.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Colours 

  • The color should be as close to your natural color.
  • This is a decision that is best left in the hand of technicians.
  • The professional therapist would help you in your decision making, advising you best treatment according to your face shape
    and the result you should expect.
  • It is common for the professional who performs the operation to make a color shade above a semitone in general, which is the one chosen by the client.
  • The goal is that it can initially get used to the change.

When should you do permanent makeup eyebrows?

  • When you want to restructure the eyebrows too thin or poorly defined.

    It is the perfect solution as a more natural effect than what can be achieved with pencil.

  • To correct the almost imperceptible or nonexistent eyebrows.

    This happens too with women who either have lack of hair on the eyebrows as a consequence of suffering from cancer and chemotherapy, or because they were too young when they became too plucking in the matter of fashion.

  • To correct too short, asymmetrical or poorly structured eyebrows.

    Asymmetric or too short eyebrows make eyes turn off or eyebrows look too separate.

    Give a more aged appearance.

    To enlarge a little on their extension or leave them more symmetrical along the lines of the eye, amazing results are achieved.

  • To fill gaps in sparsely populated eyebrow.

    That usually happens when you get to fulfilling years, that is, as you become older with age.

    There are areas of the eyebrow that are clear and are a cumbersome job for you to filling them with makeup to make them perfect.

    If you do not have time, the best option is the permanent makeup.

    Just artificial tinkering will bring out a lot of elegance in your eyebrows

  • To disguise scars.

    A scar on an eyebrow is hard to hide with traditional makeup.

    Many men have it and do not mind showing a cut on their eyebrows.

    Sometimes even they make that scar to show because they like.

    It is different in women because eyebrows are an important point in the daily gesture of beauty care.

  • To restructure the altering look in the shape of your eyebrows.

    As said earlier, eyebrows express character and emotions in women’s beauty.

    If they are discrete, it gives the feeling of being homeless and tiredness.

    If they are pronounced, eyebrows seem to have a stronger character and more energized. Things to consider before permanent makeup eyebrows