Enphase shape and contour of your lips and feel freedom from lipstick smudge.

Permanent Lip Makeup is an excellent way to
correct asymmetrical lip lines and cover uneven areas.
No worries about your lipstick smudging.

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Looking for a Permanent Makeup Lips in Cork?

Check permanent makeup lips tattoo types and prices below.

Ombre Lips

  • 2h
  • Touch ups
  • within 6 weeks Free
  • within 12 months €60
  • within 18 months €100
  • within 24 months €150
  • Consultation required before treatment
  • Price: €20 (15min )
  • Patch Test, Colour, Shape & Technique Match

Full 3D Classic Lips

  • 2h 30 min
  • Touch ups
  • within 6 weeks Free
  • within 12 months €60
  • within 18 months €100
  • within 24 months €150
  • Consultation required before treatment
  • Price: €20 (15min )
  • Patch Test, Colour, Shape & Technique Match

Lip Liner With Blending

  • 2h
  • Touch ups
  • within 6 weeks Free
  • within 12 months €60
  • within 18 months €100
  • within 24 months €150
  • Consultation required before treatment
  • Price: €20 (15min )
  • Patch Test, Colour, Shape & Technique Match

Touch ups are made with the same colour and shape as first permanent makeup micropigmentation. Any changes are charged €50 – €150.

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Why Women from Cork Love Our Service.

“As this was my first time going to this salon for a facial treatment, I absolutely loved my facial treatment at the salon and I can’t wait to go back.
Magda is lovely and I would recommend it highly.
Very reasonably priced as well.”

Daniela Nicoleta Trebe

“Absolutely love this beauty salon. They provide a really professional service at a really good price.
Being from Kerry it took me a long time to find a salon I was really happy with. I’d highly recommend green orchid for any beauty treatment.
The staff are really friendly and it has a great location in the city centre.”

Daniela Nicoleta Trebe

I like using Green Orchid. Staff is really friendly, professional, they would accommodate your needs and do the most just for YOU!!! I have had a few emergency situations with them, but they sorted it out for me with no drama! Really happy, there is a pro- place in Cork to have your beauty treatments done:) Thumbs up!

Inga Redjko

How Can Semi Permanent Makeup Lips Help You?

Permanent lips tattoo with shading and lip liner can enhance the presence of lips for ladies and men. It helps lips seem more characterised without surgery or fillers and restores shading to lips that are excessively pale.

Lasting permanent makeup lip liner disposes of the everyday utilisation of pencils to blueprint, fill-in, or reshape lip fringes.

Perpetual lips shading reduces the need to reapply lipstick or lip sparkle.  Semi permanent makeup lip liner helps revise and offset the symmetry of lips that are uneven, too thin, too thick, or scarred.

It can likewise improve the regular shading and state of “flawless” lips. At Green Orchids, fulfilling your desire and pleasure is our concern.

What is Semi Permanent Makeup Lips?

A permanent makeup lip liner is literally the base for lipstick which must be carefully chosen. Although many women simply buy a permanent makeup lip liner colour that has been advertised in a magazine, not all permanent makeup lip liner looks good on everyone.

As many varieties of lipstick out there are not as many permanent makeup lip liners. When choosing yours, choose a lip liner colour that blends easily with your lipstick.

When applied correctly, permanent makeup lip liner can help define lips while preventing colour fade from the lips throughout the day. Even if you have small, tight lip, permanent makeup lip liner can help you to improve them.

Why Semi Permanent Makeup Lips?

Many women with thin lip liner fear that it will make their lips look darker, thus reducing further. The lip colour right line, however, can help do just the opposite.

If you have thin lips, choose a colour of a lipstick with just a shade darker than your lipstick colour tone. Furthermore, the use of a higher gloss or slightly glossy coating can emphasise lip fullness.

Most women prefer standard lip liner pencils because they are able to draw the most accurate lip lines. The shade of lipstick should be considered before choosing a colour lip liner. A neutral colour of semi permanent makeup lips can be used with many shades of lipstick.

Coloured lip liner and lipstick colour should blend well together. There are some occasions where nature has not been very generous. So if you want to have well-defined lips and do not want to waste time in the mornings with lip liner, lipstick or gloss, then you can access the latest option to make semi-permanent makeup lips.

This technique allows well-defined lips and with an intense colour that lasts for a long period of time. Correct all those imperfections that you may have in this area and enhance the good angles.

You can opt for permanent makeup lip liner. Thus the volume of the lips becomes more visible as you twist them. Lip Tattoo is one way of having semi permanent makeup lip liner. If you want to avoid all morning lip makeup job, then you can choose a semi permanent makeup lip liner. This option allows you to create the illusion that your lips are fuller and takes away the wrinkled appearance.

This option allows you to create the illusion that your lips are fuller and takes away the wrinkled appearance. You have to take into account the colour tone of your skin to know what colour to use in the tattoo.

Permanent Makeup Lips Techniques.

Semi Permanent Makeup Lips:

Natural or definite lip shape outline. Perfect for uneven lip fringes for a shape definition.

Semi Permanent Makeup Lip Liner with Blending:

This strategy is for any individual who needs a lip liner that seems delicate. Our technician makes a liner on the lip fringe and afterwards shades it internal marginally so it shows up as though the individual’s lipstick has been eaten-off.

This system is more appealing than a lip liner without anything else (plain line) which can seem cruel and unnatural. Uneven lip fringes can be adjusted with this strategy.

Semi Permanent Makeup Lip Liner Full Color:

This system is for any individual who needs the presence of wearing lipstick with a characterized lip line. The technician first makes a liner on the lip fringe then embeds shading internal all through the plump piece of the lips.

At the point when mended, lip shine can be worn alone or diverse shades of lipstick can be connected on top. Uneven lip size can be balanced by tattooing just outside or within the edges of the lips to adjust thickness. Uneven lip outskirts can likewise be adjusted with this method.

Permanent Makeup Lips Shape, Design, and Color?

Lips are a vital marvel highlight of the mouth. They structure a grin and show feelings.

They help “outline” a man’s teeth and focus on engaging quality. At the point when lips are decently moulded and adjusted, they adjust to the core of a man’s face and have even sides.

The upper lip and lower lip ought to match and ought to be similarly proportioned. At Green Orchid, every new changeless lip shading strategy incorporates a face and lip shape investigation.

We have the highly experienced technician with involvement in routine cosmetics imaginativeness for many years. She will work with you to make a specially crafted lip shape that is complimenting and satisfies you.

Quality and Safety of Your Lips Procedure.

The sour technician is knowledgeable about semi permanent makeup lip liner utilising numerous hues and techniques including a fundamental liner, permanent makeup lip liner with blending, and semi permanent makeup lip liner full colour.

Effectively tattooed lip shading on patients with regularly uneven lip outskirts, full lips, and meagre lips.

Planning for Your Semi Permanent Makeup Lips Appointment.

You should permit at least 3 hours prior to the commencement of makeup procedure.

In a situation where you will uproot facial hair around your lips by tweezing, shaving, threading, or waxing, it should be carried out a couple of days before your arrangement.

Electrolysis or laser hair evacuation ought to be finished 5 to 7 days prior.

During Your Semi Permanent Makeup Lips Procedure.

The technician will assess the state of your face and lips including their symmetry and completion. She will examine systems and hues with you. A topical sedative will be connected to numb your lips. 

The last example will then be drawn and sanction by you as the layout.

She will keep on applying analgesics amid the methodology to keep you agreeable. 

Prior and then afterwards photographs will likewise be taken for your private document with your hues recorded for future references.

After Your Permanent Makeup Lips Procedure

You semi-permanent makeup lip liner will be incidentally swollen directly after your procedure. They will be delicate and may have some minor wounding in a few places that will go away in a couple of days.

Your lip shading will most likely be brighter and darker than what you need. It will lighten a great deal after your lips peel (around 6-10 days post system).

The shading will keep on softening and settle through the following a few weeks.

Your lips will be splendid and marginally bigger than typical (from swelling) amid the first week of recuperating, so you ought to remember this when booking your technique.

To minimise any possibility of contamination or unfavourably susceptible response at home, you will be issued directions with a complete pack containing safe medicinal evaluation items at no extra cost.

Subsequent and Maintenance Appointments.

Your lips will be bit lighter and the shading will balance out more than a few weeks taking after your methodology. Lip tissue is unique in relation to general skin, so it loses the most shading after a starting permanent lips technique.

Your permanent lips will likely mend lighter than you need, yet they can be obscured by a second use of colour at a subsequent visit (“touch-up”). A subsequent may be expected to conform shape or add shading to zones that recuperated lighter from tissue swelling and draining amid the permanent lips procedure.

Preferably, your second visit ought to be finished between 4 to 6 weeks post methodology. Since lasting cosmetics can blur over the long run, you can plan support visits at regular intervals to keep your shading looking new.