Waxing that removes all hair from your legs and leaves them smooth for long.

The are Two options for Leg Waxing. FULL LEG WAX which removes hair from whole legs and HALF LEG WAX which banishes unwanted hair them from the knees all the way down.

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Looking for a Leg Waxing in Cork?

Check our treatment options and prices below.

Half Leg Wax

  • + Bikini Wax for €35
  • + Hollywood / Brazilian Wax for €50

Full Leg Wax

  • + Bikini Wax for €45
  • + Hollywood / Brazilian Wax for €65

Why Women from Cork Love Our Service.

“As this was my first time going to this salon for a facial treatment, I absolutely loved my facial treatment at the salon and I can’t wait to go back.
Magda is lovely and I would recommend it highly.
Very reasonably priced as well.”

Daniela Nicoleta Trebe

“Absolutely love this beauty salon. They provide a really professional service at a really good price.
Being from Kerry it took me a long time to find a salon I was really happy with. I’d highly recommend green orchid for any beauty treatment.
The staff are really friendly and it has a great location in the city centre.”

Daniela Nicoleta Trebe

I like using Green Orchid. Staff is really friendly, professional, they would accommodate your needs and do the most just for YOU!!! I have had a few emergency situations with them, but they sorted it out for me with no drama! Really happy, there is a pro- place in Cork to have your beauty treatments done:) Thumbs up!

Inga Redjko

How is Hollywood Waxing Done?

When you request Hollywood waxing, you will need to choose a salon that makes it in a professional way.

The area to be treated will be cleaned, trimmed and then waxed using soft warm wax.

An applicator is used to apply and spread warm wax over the skin, a portion of skin at a time.

Once the wax is spread, a piece of cloth or paper is pressed over it and then is quickly removed from the hairline.

Hair will be removed from the roots and therefore the area will be free from hair for at least 4 weeks.

Get First Hollywood Wax

for €20. Only for New Customers.

It removes all of the hair in your intimate zone…and even more. Yes, totally all.

Only for New Customers First Hollywood Wax for €20.

YES! I want it.

Why do Hollywood Wax
in Green Orchid?

  • more effective than at home made or shaving

  • longer lasting result than at home

  • less pain with professional wax and individual approach

  • we know how to minimise and avoid some side effects of hair removal

  • we can get to hard to reach places

  • all setup for waxing and cleanup, so no worries for you

  • discreet and delicate procedure waxing intimate places

  • minimum pain and maximum comfort

Get Hollywood Wax For €20

Only for New Customers.

Why Hollywood wax?

  • all hair are removed from on top, underneath and around the back

  • leaving you 100% bare down there

  • done with hot wax that makes whole procedure less painful

  • lay back and let someone else take care of it

  • it gets rid of black stubble

  • you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself with a razor

If you’ve ever considered trying a Hollywood waxing, please don’t let the fear of pain or embarrassment prevent you from trying it!

Experience First Hollywood Wax in Green Orchid.

Get first hollywood wax

for €20. Only for New Customers.

Does it Hurt?

Pain thresholds are different for each woman but our beauty therapists are trained in techniques that deliver minimum discomfort when performing intimate hollywood waxing treatment. If you are a beginner to waxing there may be an element of shock, but it gets easier with every waxing as the hair thins. After all, many our clients keep coming back

How Often I Need To do it?

95% of our customers come in every 4-6 weeks, but everyone is different. Regular hollywood waxing sessions ensure that hair grows back thinner and finer as the hair follicle has less grip on the hair.

Still afraid?

Wax technology and techniques have been advanced and refined. It won’t be as bad as you think.
In fact, you might even be persuaded to throw away your razors once and for all!

If you are considering intimate waxing but have concerns, this is natural.

That’s why we offer for New Customers First Hollywood Wax at the special price.

YES! Give Me First Hollywood Wax Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the FIRST VISIT OFFER works?

To get access for FIRST TIME VISIT OFFER you need to sign up >> here <<<  and you CAN’T be our existing customer. To sign up drop your best email address.

Maximum 10-15 min after you sign up you’ll receive an email with a voucher for the first visit.

Next, contact us to book your first treatment via:

Be sure about our location:  10 Saint Patrick Quay Cork,  Robert Scott House (1st floor)  Co. Cork, Ireland   (See on google maps)

Meet us and enjoy your 60 min of microdermabrasion.

How Effective is Hollywood Waxing?

Hollywood waxing is very effective in removing genital or pubic hair but this is not a permanent hair solution.

You will be requested to come back after 4 to 6 weeks to get the area waxed again.

What do I Need to do Before Hollywood Wax?

If this is your first time to get waxed, a patch test is used to find out if you are allergic to wax before it is applied.

You also need to be on time for your appointment since this is a usually a special procedure. It is a given that you will be completely exposing yourself when you ask for hollywood wax but this is not the time to feel awkward.

Professionals are experienced in this kind of hair removal treatment and will not hesitate to help you with any concerns.

What do I Need to Remember After Treatment?

Your waxed area will be completely sore, red and painful after the hollywood wax procedure and therefore you should avoid using products that could sting or aggravate the pain.

You may take analgesics or use a cold compress to help reduce the pain.

What is Leg Waxing.

While men are not too worried about having hair on their legs, women are quite bothered by it and in fact, having hair or too much hair on legs in women are a huge turn off.

But how to remove unsightly leg hair without having to endure cuts and ingrown hair as a result of shaving and buying costly hair removal creams that just won’t work that well?

The answer is leg waxing. Leg waxing is a general term for waxing treatments that are done either on the upper or lower leg or both.

It involves the use of warm wax to remove hair to the roots leaving skin free from hair for weeks.

How is Leg Waxing Done?

Legs waxing may be done at home or through the help of an experienced professional.

Since waxing uses hot wax, there is a huge possibility of getting burnt and hurt during the procedure.

Therefore the best and the safest leg waxing treatments are done by a professional.

Leg wax uses warm soft wax which is applied to the skin on the leg using an applicator.

Strips of paper or cloth is pressed over the wax and then removed (pulled against the hair growth) after a few minutes.

Hair is removed from the roots with the use of wax leaving your legs smooth and hairless.

Is Leg Waxing Effective?

Leg waxing is not just effective but it is also one of the fastest ways to remove hair.

It will keep the area smooth and free from hair for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

However, waxing is not a permanent hair removal technique.

Hair will grow back after 4 weeks with small hairs growing in between waxes.

This is because each strand of hair grows in different cycles

What do You Need to do Before Leg Wax?

Waxing salons usually check if you are allergic to wax before leg waxing or other wax hair removal treatments.

After  a negative allergy result, the skin is prepped by washing it with warm water and then trimming long hair.

What do You Need to Remember After Leg Waxing?

If you are waxing your hair for the first time, you will surely find it painful.

However, succeeding treatments will become less and less painful.

The area will be reddish and sensitive after a few minutes to hours.

You may take pain relievers or you may use cold compress to deal with pain

Some Leg Waxing  Tips.

  • There are DIY leg waxing products available in the market but the best treatment is still offered by a professional.
  • A professional will be able to remove hair using waxing while reducing pain and sensitivity.
    Burns will also be reduced.
  • Leg waxing is done every 4 weeks, other hair removal techniques may be used such as shaving and the use of hair removal products that are recommended by a professional.
  • Never wax skin with open wounds, sores and scratches. You must wait till your skin heals and clears before using leg waxing treatments.

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